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If you're anything like me you'll want quick results. You'll also want the process to get the results to be easier than what you've heard or thought.  Let's aim for this!

As a couple you may have considered separating or it may be that you feel you need some tweaks to get you back on track. You could also be a new couple working out if you want to commit for the long term. Whatever your scenario, you'll want to move fast. If you do nothing, how will your relationship and life look  in the months or years ahead?

Let's get you from the place you are today, to the place you want to be. If you're both committed to getting results, and are prepared to put in some time and effort then it is absolutely possible to be a happy, healthy couple. Being on this page is step one.'re part way there.

If you're ready to invest in yourself - to listen, make the time and take action, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Quick Results Couples Special


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Who is this for?

  • Perfect for couples seeking clarity and a quick resolution to a key issue of concern while learning some effective tools you can both use from your first consultation
  • Easy to access if you are stuck in lock down or wherever you are based in the world
  • Those with limited time, challenges with childcare or attending appointments in person


  • Initial clarity session will focus on identifying key couple obstacles and agreeing to one  key outcome
  • Follow up sessions to keep you on track
  • You will discover your critical keys to success
  • You will learn key strategies and tools to work towards and achieve your agreed outcome


  • Private, personalised 90 minute Initial Clarity consultation via Zoom AND two x 45 minute Zoom or phone follow up consultations (valued at $666)
  • A bonus technique to help improve your relationship (valued at $20)

*Please note this offering does not include assistance for any forms of addiction nor alcohol, drug or substance abuse nor any forms of partner abuse.


The insight,  tools & actions to quickly unlock your chosen relationship obstacle


$686 save $131


Imagine if you could overcome one key couple obstacle that would incrementally change your relationship for the better.  What would your life look like if you and your partner had a much improved relationship?  Whatever your key obstacle and desired outcome imagine how great it would be when you...

  • resolve conflict and differences quickly
  • have significantly improved communication 
  • share interests that you both enjoy
  • bypass resentment, moodiness or grudges
  • express affection more openly
  • reach agreement on finances
  • reach understanding and agreement on ways of bringing up children
  • create unity in a blended family
  • share household tasks with ease  
  • prevent small issues becoming big issues
  • accept and value each other
  • address different values and goals in your relationship
  • make your relationship a priority
  • have clear plans for your future
  • have clarity on your compatibility

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Other options


Initial strategy session

Initial investigation + identification of your obstacles

Discover your keys to success 

Begin learning key strategies and tools to improve your communication and other areas of concern

This session includes

90 minute couples investigation and strategy  coaching session

Online or face to face

Choose this package if

You'd like to discover our private coaching sessions, to discuss a specific pressing issue, learn some key tools to use today and to put a plan in place to create the relationship you want.


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Couples coaching

Learn + accelerate your success tools to forming a loving, committed relationship

Ongoing identification of + overcoming obstacles

Accountability + support to achieve your goals

This program includes

Weekly or Fortnightly Coaching sessions - by phone, Zoom video or face to face

Worksheets/Action exercises between sessions

Choose this package if

You're both motivated and committed to transforming your relationship to what you truly want.

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