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Finding + keeping love can be easy and fast

...whether you're single or a couple

 This can happen...if you've decided this is what you want, are committed, ready to invest in yourself - to listen, make the time and  take action.

I've been helping singles and couples for over 30 years and know that it's absolutely possible to find + keep I know you can too!

It's my mission to help you get there as quickly and easily as possible.

Even if  you're saying...


  • There's no one decent left
  • Where do you find them
  • I can't have success in business and career + a committed relationship
  • I can't meet anyone with  the coronavirus restrictions
  • How do I attract or approach someone of interest?
  • They're not that into me
  • I always choose the wrong type
  • They won't commit
  • Is this the one or not?
  • I don't have time to waste on the wrong types
  • My life is too busy anyway
  • The relationship isn't moving forward
  • My relationships haven't worked in the past
  • How do we keep having a good relationship in the future?

There are some key steps you can take today...take the shortcuts and don't waste any more time.

Show me the shortcuts to finding and being a Couple


  • We've had kids and our relationship has changed
  • We're just not gelling anymore
  • We've considered separating and don't know how to be the couple we once were
  • How can we avoid resentment, moodiness and grudges?
  • Expressing affection could be better
  • Our outlook on finances is so different
  • We've got different ideas on bringing up children
  • We're a blended family now
  • We don't share the household tasks  as I think we should
  • How can we avoid small issues becoming big issues?
  • We have different interests and are different people
  • Our communication could be so much better
  • If only my partner got me 
  • Are we compatible?

There are some key steps you can take today...take the shortcuts and don't waste any more time.

Show me the shortcuts to staying a Couple

Singles who want to be committed couples

Imagine your life if you were finally in a committed and loving relationship.  Imagine if you could quickly know

  • how to find your ideal partner
  • how to attract or approach them
  • how to sort and select if they were right for you
  • how to to develop and keep that togetherness and that you both had the commitment you wanted.

Imagine if you knew "the how", the strategy, mindset, tools and took the action, how much time you would save and how much quicker you would achieve your goal.

Whatever thoughts, beliefs and feelings you have that state you can't find and be in a happy, committed couple I'm here to let you know that it's possible.  

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Couples who want to stay committed couples

It started out fell for each committed. Along the way life happened...pressures, stresses, money concerns, work, family, children, friends and a myriad of other subjects.  Who you once were as a couple seems to have changed.  You would love to find your way back...but how?

Imagine how life would look if you could recapture the best of the early days, plus see the best future together for you both. 

What if there were a few quick tweaks you could make...and it was easy...would you feel it was worth the investment to keep love?

Couples who wonder if they're compatible

You may be a new couple or a couple wondering whether to take the next steps in your relationship.   Either way, wouldn't it be great to get some clarity, air your fears and concerns so that you can navigate a clear way forward.

What if in just one or a few sessions you can reach a decision, that means you don't waste any more time and allows you to focus on what's now important.

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There's no time like right now to start finding + keeping love.  Don't waste any more time...

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